-To evelynwandy@yahoo.com

 I really appreciate your services. Am now stress free and enjoying life again. The flexibility of timings to fit into my schedules was awesome. I must say i had tried others but your professionalism makes the difference. Thank you so very much and may you continue helping others. JW

 -Dear Eve,

Our first session with you did not start with a focus on marital topics right away, but instead with questions about our levels of faith, and our idea of heaven, exactly those things I have no interest to dwell on. Nonetheless what mattered was the solution I was looking forward to. Having suffered from low self esteem, It was hard in the beginning to open up about my eight year marriage. There was no life in it. No motivation at all. I lead a mediocrity life. Your well chosen words and wisdom made me realize that life is so full of good and fulfilling ideas from your counselling. I got my self-esteem back and I wake up every morning to experience what God has put forward for the day. Trying to cut things short or as they say using the short version, I would recommend anyone going through life turmoil to experience Eve's counselling sessions and look at life with a different perspective. From PG

-By SL To @evewandy keep up and thanks for your encouragement...!

-Hi Evelyn

 I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me when I would not have handled on my own. I know that God used you to advise me, encourage me, counsel me and comfort me when I was going through a really low phase in my life. I will never forget when you sacrificed your lunch time to quickly come to my house to still encourage and pray with me. I am grateful for the regular meetings we had and the continual encouraging text messages you sent me, they helped me know that someone cared. I appreciate all the time to set aside to see me through it all. ‘The battlefield of the mind’ has been such a life changing book and I am thankful that you brought that book to my attention, let alone lending me your copy to read. I know that I am a much stronger person now because of the advice you gave me, like; saying positive affirmations about myself, praying and fasting, treating myself, time management, and thinking about what I am thinking about. JP.

Some Conferences' Feedback

Leo-..Hae Mrs Corrado. we had a wonderful time with you at the recent Thogoto National Youth Conference. Your book is such a humongous manual to a fulfilled happy living………you're so encouraging. a solution to many generations. kudos!

Derrick to Evelyn - It was nice meeting you, your book is inspirational, God bless you for your presentation....I enjoyed your presentation during the National youth camp at Thogoto.

Flo to Evelyn- Good strong words at the camp

Ed- Madam you have been a blessing to me in this conference.

Jemimah to Eve.C- you are my heroin!

Erastus to Eve. C- i really appreciate the way you trained us.