Ev-Online Counselling provides unique quality advice, support and counsel using integrated therapy approach. It includes Psychodynamic approach, Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Personal centred therapy (PCT).
The service assists people in stress management. Equipping people with skills in problem-solving, time-management, social skills, assertiveness, self-esteem, financial management, goal-planning, anger& mood management and overall healthy living.
Main areas of advice and support are; Relationships, Loss, Life Goals and pressure;
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a.Group talks &Conferences charges - £100 less expenses per session.

b. Provides only free  Online individual sessions , which are available on Wednesday's -Please note that sessions are on hold till Oct 2016!!!

c. We have helped a lot of individuals, given motivational talks to hundreds of  people and many others have benefited from our written materials especially the book' Discover Fulfilled Living'.

Sessions plan 'dummy'

1st & Initial Email contact
- Clients confirm via initial email/telephone that they have read and understood the terms and conditions and further indicate their therapy needs. They can give a brief background of themselves and the issue they would like to address. They can as well outline their expectations and needs during counselling; it is okay if they are not yet known. The clients can also state the method of counselling they intend to utilise

2nd session 
-A brief assessment, then a deeper discussion of the issues, exploring solution options and also planning an intervention strategy. 

3rd session 
- Reviewing the progress and also discussing any upcoming issues

4th to last session 
- Lay out appropriate strategies to follow up in the future and then end therapy. 

NB: Numbers of sessions after 3rd session are dependent on the problem and the intervention progress, we recommend 4 sessions minimal, however a client can choose less or more. Cancellation of sessions should be done 48 hours prior.


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