Our mission is to help people identify areas of stress in their lives, then assist them learn ways of managing their challenges effectively and appropriately.

It is a sign of strength to acknowledge the need to learn more in handling life issues and managing stress. We belief in healthy and successful life despite setbacks, hence our slogan stands  'Where there is a will, there is a way'.

Ev-online counselling is a unique opportunity that helps you to address issues conveniently, confidentially, professionally and it is affordable.

Our service reaches hundreds of individuals' weekly, from various parts of the world via our website, facebook, twitter, blog talk shows and also our AWE blog articles.

 FOUNDER - Evelyn Corrado MSc,BSc, MBPsS                                           

I founded this website in order to support individuals to overcome unprecedented life predicaments, as i also inspire them to maximise their full life potential. I worked for 9 years in various Mental Health Settings in United Kingdom where I excelled at giving support, education and therapy to clients who were going through life and mental health crisis.

I am currently undertaking a full-time PhD research in education and part-time lecture work at a London University. I have Masters of Science in Psychology  and BSc (hons) from UK. I am also a Graduate Chartered Member of British Psychology Society.

Our services have excelled and won the certificate of Community Organisation Award at runner-up position at A.W.E Awards 2013. 

In therapy intervention, I use integrated assessment tools and approaches from various evidence-based psychological therapy models mentioned on our 'counselling' services page.

My hobbies;  Blog writing, reading, socialising & travelling.


From August 2014- May 2016-; Evelyn has given motivation talks on Life skills, setting SMART Goals, having a Winner Character and Living a purposeful fulfilled Life to more than 2,500 individuals at Youth conferences, Women conferences and Community gatherings here in the UK and abroad in Kenya. The book 'Discover Fulfilled Living' has been a positive life changer to many. Moreover, many individuals have been helped in our 1:1 individual counselling sessions. Our face book page continues to educate, encourage and challenge many every week !!!