Founder-Evelyn Corrado ( MSc Psych, BSc(hons), MBPsS).

EV-Online Counselling is a service where individuals are ensured hope and support in unexpected crisis and life hardships. Furthermore, aids people to gain confidence and endeavour to achieve their dreams, rising above life setbacks. The service won a certificate for Community Service Organisation Award at Runner-Up Position for A.W.E Awards 2013.

Main areas of life stressors counselled :

Relationship problems - Marriage problems, family issues, work pressure, peer pressure, identity issues, break ups, loneliness, divorce and separation.

Life Goals - Career, studies, exams, business,marriage, health, financial goals and investments.

Loss - redundancy, illness, disability, business closure, bereavement, unemployment and depression.

Pressure - financial crisis, work pressure, bullying and abuse, responsibilities, addictions, trauma, poverty, anger issues and low self-esteem.

If any of the stress areas is stopping you from benefiting from life fully, write to us and we will address this issues together.

NB: For more information on stress check our ' valued information' page.

Counselling Services provided
The service communication is mainly via email therapy and chat therapy. Initially, a client sends an e-mail or calls the counsellor voicing his/her intention to engage in the counselling. This should be after understanding the terms and conditions of our services and the types of therapies offered. Any therapy related queries can be raised.

Email-Therapy- A client can choose to maintain email contact method of counselling which is charged prior reply, after the initial email.

Chat-Therapy- A client can choose to use Skype chatting counselling sessions, which are more interactive. The Skype chatting sessions, are pre-booked. One can also choose to use Telephone services which are equivalent to skype chat. The booking method is via email or telephone.

Conference/Group Workshops- on topics focused on our area of counselling can be booked and arranged, 3 weeks in advance in UK.

EV-Online Counselling offers a listening ear, which is non-judgemental, however promotes the well being of an individual, in a respectful and a confidential way. Furthermore, offers professional, convenient, easily accessible and affordable counseling services.

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